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Michael Tracy is a D’Addario Arist/Endorser/Ambassador playing exclusively on D’Addario Jazz Select Reeds.


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Louisville Metro Proclamation – Mike Tracy Day!  October 8, 2017

I am truly touched to have been given such a recognition by the Mayor and others in my community.

“For his tireless endeavors to inspire jazz fans and musicians throughout the world.  Whether teaching and performing in Louisville or overseas, Mike’s passion for jazz and music education are infectious.  Jazz students across the world recognize the Ambassador of Jazz as an influence.”   … view Proclamation

UofL professor practices the ‘art’ of diplomacy
University of Louisville Alumni Magazine, Fall 2016

Mike Tracy, professor and director of the School of Music’s jazz studies program, is what you might call a world jazz ambassador.  … view article

Cultural Exchange
by Marty Rosen, Downbeat – October 2016

THE COMBINATION OF TREMENDOUS musical talent and incredible patience has allowed saxophonist Michael Tracy to become one of the most revered educators in jazz studies today. He has been playing and teaching jazz for four decades.  …view article

WHAS Great Day Live - September 12, 2016
Fun playing with Gabe Evens on Great Day Live

Georgian jazz festival pulls in U of L duo.
by Marty Rosen, Courier Journal – June 27, 2016

Late on the second night of this year’s Kavkaz Jazz Festival – a fixture on Tbilisi’s summer arts calendar – Maria Shirshova, one of the festival’s organizers, whispered in my ear that something special was about to happen. …view article

CJ Sunday Arts Section page 1 6:26:16CJ Sunday Arts Section page 2 6:26:16

US Embassy – Tbilisi, Georgia    video announcement – June 2016

UofL professors teach jazz, spread diplomacy.
by Jeffrey Lee Pucket, Courier Journal – May 27, 2016

Mike Tracy has visited dozens of countries as a music educator, sharing his knowledge of jazz with a dizzying variety of students. The University of Louisville professor has rightfully earned a reputation as being a jazz ambassador.  …view article

UofL professor to teach jazz workshop in Republic of Georgia – May 25, 2016

Live performance on WHAS 11 Great Day live with Craig Wagner

The world is a stage for UofL jazz professor.
by Niki King – May 10, 2016

UofL Jazz Professor Michael Tracy has hit the road again.  Last week he left for teaching engagements and performances in China, and later this summer he’ll land in the Republic of Georgia and Columbia.     …view article        …associated article

China Tour – May 2016

Shanghai – Club Performance – May 13, 2016   …view article
Guangzhou - JZClub, The Bucket, Zhu Jiang Beer Museum – May 10, 2016   …view article
Zhuhai - Golden Jazz Contemporary Music Institute – May 7, 2016   …view article    …photos of the event
Chengdu – Performance at UNI – May 4, 2016   …view article
Chengdu – #20 High School – May 4, 2016   …view article
Review of #20 High School Presentation and Performance   …view article
Chengdu, China – Performance at Qing An – May 3, 2016  …view article
Chengdu, China – International Sister Cities Museum – May 3, 2016   …view article

Paramount Arts Center – JAZZ ALLEY

Fun evening performing a variety of Brazilian styles with an exceptional group.  Check out the program and photos.

Cover   Program page 1   Program page 2   Program page 3    Photos

2nd ENSAX Saxophone Conference

It was a great pleasure being invited to participate once again in the ENSAX saxophone conference.   This was the 2nd meeting and as exciting as the one in 2013.  Saxophonist from throughout the country of Brazil participated along with American saxophonist Connie Frigo. Master classes, concerts and all things saxophone filled the days and evenings.  Always something new to learn and experience.  Check out the conference photos.  Hope to return again in the future.

MT Concert     2nd ENSAX Concerts     Master Classes

ENSAX poster

Concerts: Casa Thomas Jefferson & C’est si Bon – Brasilia, Brazil – March 4 & 5, 2015

Wonderful time playing with master Brazilian musicians – Renato Vasconcellos, piano and Bruno Mangueira, guitar – for my friends at Casa Thomas Jefferson, a packed house.  Bruno and I played the next evening at C’est si Bon.  Check out the article in Brasíliagenda.

Casa Thomas Jefferson 3:4:15 concert

2015 - Bruno-Mike_CestsiBon2015 - Bruno-Mike_CestsiBon_Programacao


UofL continues to pull in top-notch talent: Insider Louisville – February 24, 2015

Jazz students and lovers of the form, take note.

The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at the University of Louisville School of Music presents a weekend of top-notch concerts for the community, and the opportunity for students to get firsthand exposure to master musicians, with this weekend’s 23rd annual UofL Jazz Fest.  …view article

b-sides: The Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble – LEO Weekly – January 28, 2015

Mike Tracy spoke to LEO just after returning from one of his many trips to Brazil, where he visited friends and soaked in music. He’s Director of the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at the University of Louisville School of Music,  … view article

WHAS Great Day Live – January 26, 2015

Interview and performance with the Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble

Polish opera students visit UofL to collaborate on ‘Don Giovanni – January 20, 2014

It all started with messages from a stranger.

An American with links to Poland contacted Mike Tracy with concerns about a Polish saxophone student in the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in the southwestern city of Katowice, less than 200 miles from Warsaw.   … view article

Italy 2013 – Milano, Toarmina – October 2013

October inMT Musictime poster Italy (and Sicily) playing music, working with students, seeing old friends, making new ones while visiting the sites….what a great way to spend a few days.  Visiting Milano is always fun and many thanks to my friend and excellent pianist/musician Davide Logiri.  It was great working with him and his students at Musictime, what an interesting/diverse group – from young students to business people stretching their musical skills, serious jazz musicians to retired military – all playing tunes and the blues, seeking advice.   There was a very special evening playing with Davide, bassist Gianluca Alberti and Alessio Pacifico (who had become a new father just the night before).  The concert was memorable.

Faculty Music Gala Wows Audience – September 9, 2013

The University of Louisville’s  Twenty-first Annual Faculty Gala Concert was an evening of rich culture. The gala was featured at the Comstock Music Hall on campus, which made it a centralized location for students and music enthusiasts from the general public.

The mood was set for the evening of Sept. 6 with a profound performance played by professors Craig Wagner on the guitar and Mike Tracy on the tenor saxophone. Their performance flowed with smooth melodic tones and full harmonies.  …view article

Brazil 2013 – Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Natal May – June 2013

It is no secret that I love visiting, being in Brazil. I think this is my eleventh visit and it seems like home. I really need to learn Portuguese though but my many friends cover for me.  It is great seeing them and best of all playing music together.  There we speak the same language. Nothing like playing Brazilian music with a group of excellent Brazilian musicians. This trip started off with an amazing 80th birthday party for a good friend and she had hired the finest musicians in Brasilia – great fun playing with them.
While visiting familiar places – Brasilia and Natal, I made my first trip to Belo Horizonte and Minas Gerais, playing at two clubs with a friend and alum of our jazz program, bassist Pablo Souza. It will be great seeing him again and playing together. I also presented a master classes at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.
Natal is a special place where another friend, Anderson Pessoa, teaches at the Universidade Federal de Grande Norte. This year Anderson is hosting the 1st ENSAX – Encontro Nordestino de Saxofonistas, a meeting of outstanding Brazilian saxophonists and I am honored to be included. Amazing beaches, saxophones, sun, great food, new/people/old friends (Vadim Arsky) and music all day – sounds perfect to me.
Belo Horizonte
… CCCP Jazz Club  
… Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais  
…photos  Café com Letras    clinic at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
…ENSAX Saxophone Conference    …photos  MT Concert   MT Clinic   ENSAX Concert
Poland / Czech Republic 2013 – May 2013

Playing music is a great way to see the world and I have been fortunate to have met many outstanding musicians in far away places.  One special location is Katowice, Poland and the Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowski.  I first visited the Akademia in 2003 to help establish an exchange program between their jazz program and the one at the University of Louisville.   That first meeting has lead to an on-going exchange, which has included joint opera productions, orchestra and band experiences, music therapy collaborations and numerous student and faculty, visits.   I have the pleasure of returning to adjudicate the 6th International Improvisation Competition.  What a great opportunity to hear musicians, young and old, in a different setting.   I will also be presenting clinics on improvisation at the Akademia and one at the Nysa Music Akademia.  A side trip to Opava in the Czech Republic for a performance at the Evžen Jazz Cafe Club will be a fun evening.  The best part will be seeing old friends and playing music together.   … view poster

Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble:
Paramount Arts Center (Ashland, KY) – April 24, 2013 Clifton Arts Center – April 28, 2013 Iroquois Amphitheater – May 5, 2013

Always fun playing music from Brazil and even more enjoyable when performed with young musicians from that country.

… Paramount Arts Center   Program page 1   Program page 2
… The Clifton Arts Center
    page 2
… Iroquois Amphitheater

20 Years of Jazz – Martin Kasdan – February 20, 2013

The University of Louisville’s School of Music is celebrating 20 years of stellar jazz presentations, and Mike Tracy, director of the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program, found it hard to choose highlights. “Meeting and hanging with many of the legends who have passed — like Dave Brubeck, Elvin Jones, Ray Brown, Michael Brecker, Art Farmer, Billy Taylor and Stanley Turrentine — certainly come to mind,” …view article

Jazz studies at UofL: Why it may be the happiest major on campus November 21, 2102

Jazz Studies at U of L may well be the happiest major on campus. When walking by the School of Music, it is not uncommon to hear the bluesy sound of a saxophone drifting out of an open window and into the street for all to hear. Much of the music that emerges from the building in this way is the result of the Jazz Studies Program, which prides itself on being as open about its major as it is about music. … complete article   … accompanying article

Jazz brings world together at UofL July 18, 2012

Jazz students and musicians from around the world gathered at UofL recently when the School of Music hosted the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Workshop. The annual event drew hundreds of participants to receive hands-on training from some of the best jazz music instructors in the country.  … video

The Garden Gate Jazz, Wine & Craft Beer Festival April 21, 2012

The Garden Gate Jazz, Wine & Craft Beer Festival on Saturday in Huntingburg will celebrate diversity with music from The Mike Tracy Brazilian Ensemble from Louisville and the Wade Baker Jazz Collaboration from Cincinnati, Ohio.  … view poster    … view article

The Sunday Session on Crescent Hill Radio January 1, 2012

Guitarist Diego Palma is the host of a weekly jazz radio show – The Sunday Sessions – on the internet radio station Crescent Hill Radio and sponsored by the Louisville Jazz Society.  I was honored that he was interested in interviewing me for his first show of 2012.  It was an enjoyable time. …Interview

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) June 21 – 24

I am fortunate to have had many outstanding students who are helping to spread the work of jazz throughout the world.  Anderson Pessoa is one of those incredible students, an excellent educator and performer.  Anderson recently accepted a position as director of Jazz and Popular Music at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and invited me to work with his students.  My first and hopefully not last visit to Natal.   … view poster     … view press release    … workshop video

Somethin’ Else: This Weeks Featured Artist April 6 2011

I was recently honored to be featured artist on the Oberlin College and Community Radio (www.wobc.org) Sunday jazz show.  Host Aidan Plank interviewed my for his show and later posted on his blog. … Blog

Jazz Sinfoncio – Loja, Eucador March 14 – 18, 2011

I was the featured artist with the Loja Symphony Orchestra (LSO) on their first all jazz program – Jazz Sinfoncio.  This was a wonderful experience playing arrangements for full string section, harp, one woodwind and jazz rhythm section.  My friends Kristina Krit (Russia) and Anderson Pessoa (Brazil) arranged special works for the ensemble.   In addition to Jazz Sinfooncio, I visited and worked with the students and faculty from Conservatorio Salvador Bustamante Celi.  The Conservatorio administrators and I also made plans to develop a jazz program for their institution.

Performance videos:
You Don’t Know What Love Is – Ray de Paul (arr by K. Krit)
What Is This Thing Called Love – Cole Porter (arr by K. Krit)  
Here’s That Rainy Day – Johnny Burke/Jimmy Van Heusen
(arr by K. Krit)
On A Clear Day – Burton Lane (arr by K. Krit)
I Love Paris – Cole Porter (arr by K. Krit)
They Say That Falling In Love – Irving Berlin (arr by K. Krit) 
The Very Thought Of You – Ray Noble
(arr by K. Krit)
Arroio (The Creek) – Victor Assis Brasil (arr by A. Pessoa)

Symphony poster resize

Symphony-flier-resize La-Hora-article-resizeDiario-Centinela-article-resize Club Jazz Tinku poster resized









Universidad San Francisco de Quito March 11 – 12, 2011

I took the opportunity to work with student at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito during my first visit to Ecuador.  It was a great time meeting and hearing them play.

Jazz at UDLA

La Plata Jazz Festival November 19 – 21, 2010

The 11th edition of the 2010 La Plata (Argentina) Jazz Festival was an exciting weekend which featured performing group from throughout the world.  … La Plata Jazz Festival      … La Plata Jazz Festival sites    … La Plata Jazz Festival ensembles    … UofL students at EMU

Big Rock Jazz Fest October 3, 2010

… Jazz Fest poster   … Jazz Fest program cover   … Jazz Fest bio

Big Rock Jazz Fest – Fall for Jazz – Wingspan Louisville Jazz Society Newsletter September 2010

The Mike Tracy Jazz Quintet featuring Renato Vasconcellos will perform at a number of fall jazz festival.  The Louisville Jazz Society Newsletter contains articles on Big Rock Jazz Fest and Tyler Park – Fall for Jazz events.  In addition, a review of newly released CD WINGSPAN (Sea Breeze SBJ-3092).    … view newsletter   … Big Rock Jazz Fest   … Fall for Jazz in Tyler Park

UofL Open World Jazz Program YouTube video detailing February 2010 visit March 5, 2010

UofL’s School of Music, home of the Jamey Abersold Jazz Studies Program, hosted the 6th annual Open World program in February.  Jazz students from Russia who have never been to the United States came to learn, to experience the culture and most importantly to play jazz. Here’s the story.  … view video

Jazz: At the Library Photos from concert for Jazz Arts Foundation, Lexington, Kentucky February 11, 2010

Brazilian ensemble featuring Renato Vasconcellos – piano, Chris Fitzgerald – bass, Mike Hyman – drums, and Mike Tracy – sax  … view photos

Muzenergo Jazz Festival Review in Jazz.ru by Cyril Moshkov, editor Release of #19, 2009

Review of Muzenergo International Jazz Festival by Cyril Moshkov, editor of Jazz.ru. …view article

Muzenergo Jazz Festival November 22, 2009

Performance at the Muzenergo International Jazz Festival – Kimry, Russia – with the Nick Kulikov Quartet – Nick Kulikov (guitar),  Ovagem Sultanyan (alto saxophone), Denis Shushkov (bass) and Piotr Talalay (drums). Following are YouTube links:

…”Dyadya Lyosha Iz Garazha” (Uncle Lyosha from the Garage)
…”Dlya Olgi” (For Olga)
…”Vo Imya Lubvi” (In The Name Of Love)
…”Palata Nomer 8″ (Room #8)

Performing with ‘Mixolegion’ at Muzenergo Jazz Festival November 21, 2009

Performance at the Muzenergo International Jazz Festival – Kimry, Russia – with ‘Mixolegion’ – Anderson Pessoa (saxophone), Craig Tweddell (trumpet), Alim Nastaev (guitar),  Saulo Moura (bass) and Daniel Falter (drums). Following are YouTube links: …Sweet and Lovely …Mr. KL

Photos from Russian Tour November 2009

…from Dubna-1 …from Dubna-2 …from Dubna-3 …from Moscow…from Taganrog

Rostov-on-the-Don International Jazz Festival (November 2009)

Program cover and text for the 2009 International Jazz Festival – Rostov-on-the-Don  … view cover   … view text – 1   … view text – 2

Muzenergo Jazz Festival (November 2009)

Program cover and text for the 2009 Muzenergo Jazz Festival – Dubna and Kimry, Russia … view program  … view text

Student Jazz Group from Louisville Heads to Russia JazzTimes.com   by Lee Mergner (November 20, 2009)

For most school bands, hitting the road usually means at best a trip to some school festival or competition or at worst a lousy school bus ride to a neighboring school for a competition. However, select students at the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at the University of Louisville are going about as far as possible to perform their music and compete against other groups.  …view article

Leeds International Jazz Conference Scene & Heard by Ivor Widdison Jazz UK, August/September 2009, Issue 88

Overview of Leeds International Jazz Conference.  … view article

Tools of the Trade JazzTimes 2009-2010 Jazz Education Guide Collected & Edited by Jeff Tamarkin (Sept/Oct 2009)

Top jazz educators choose the resources they can’t teach without.  … view article

Jazz Connection: Open World All-Stars (October 2009) JazzTimes review by Scott Yanow

Russia meets Louisville on this two-CD set with the visitors dominating the music.  Four Russian combos, all call the Open World All Stars, are featured performing at the University of Louisville on these tracks, recorded from 2004 through 2007.   … view article

Relationships and Open World. Louisville Jazz Society Newsletter (Fall 08)

As we look forward to receiving another group of Russian jazz students as part of the Open World Program, it seems appropriate to look back on our involvement with the program and highlight its success. …view article

Jazz At Hermitage Garden – review. Jazz Times (8/24/08)

Russia has a long, complicated history with jazz, reaching back to the 1920s. Viewed as decadent and forced mostly underground during the Stalin era, jazz has proven remarkably hardy, especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Russian jazz scene is now undergoing a healthy period of revitalization. … view article    

Jazz At Hermitage Garden (8/22/08)

Moscow television station arts news broadcast. …view video

Jazz at Hermitage Garden. Festival Guide (August 2008)

 … view festival guide

Jazz in the Hermitage Garden Your Moscow Guide (8/22/08)

The first open-air jazz festival “Jazz in the Hermitage Garden” took place in August 1998. Since then, about 150 soloists and bands from Russia and 22 other countries have played at the festival… … view article

All The Famous Jazz at the Hermitage Garden. The Moscow Times (8/20/08)

Every jazz fan knows that the last weekend in August is the best time to hear favorite music performed live by top musicians. As the summer draws to a close, the 11th annual, three-day international jazz festival gets under way in the Hermitage Garden on Friday. …view article

Annone: ottimo il debutto dell’Art & Music La Provincia (June 27 2008)

Raffinato ed elegante il suono di Mike Tracy e del Davide Logiri Trio a Villa Cabella …view article

Jazz Studies in Brazil Louisville Jazz Society Newsletter (March 2008)

In March 2008, seven faculty members from the University of Louisville Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program traveled to Brazil to lead workshops and perform in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, and São Paulo, it?s largest city. …view article   … view Sao Paulo poster   … view Brasilia festival poster  … view Brasilia festival brochure

Jazz Master Chick Corea Jams with Russian Jazz Players Open World article (2/19/08)

Imagine the following improbable story line: four young Russian jazz musicians depart from Moscow for their first-ever trip to the United States. They land in a city in Middle America near midnight on a Saturday – then on Monday, still jet-lagged and a little culture-shocked, they perform for one of the living legends of jazz: Chick Corea. … view article

La Plata Jazz Festival November 6, 2007

Performance at the La Plata (Argentina) Jazz Festival in November with Renato Vasconcellos (piano), David Becker (guitar), Bruce Becker (drums) and Alejandro Herrera (bass).   …listen to performance   … view poster

Spreading his love of jazz around the globe. Louisville Cardinal (9/25/07)

When Michael Tracy was a teenager, he wanted to be a lawyer. “I was intrigued by the show Perry Mason,” said Tracy. So when his father was called for jury duty, Tracy went with him. “It was boring, dry. There was nothing happening, so I said ‘forget this.’” …view article

Yaroslavl Jazz Center Unites Russian Musicians, Educators Downbeat (January 2007)

At first sight, Yaroslavl doesn’t appear to be a jazz hotbed. This Russian industrial town of 600,000 largely eschews the European influence that… … view article

Cuando el jazz se enseña La Nacion (11/16/06)

LA PLATA.- La octava edición de La Plata Jazz Festival fue ambiciosa en sus contenidos y rica en material docente, … view article

Una buena idea con escasa repercusión La Nacion (11/16/06)

Ocurre a menudo que una propuesta interesante no tiene el suficiente respaldo en términos de público. En el jazz, especialmente, sucede … view article

World Class Jazz Courier-Journal (June 18, 2006)

For the past decade, the profile of the University of Louisville’s School of Music has risen steadily among jazz educators, and its Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies program is now considered… … view article

A Year in Global Jazz Jazz Educators Journal (April 2006)

As someone who has actively been involved in the jazz education movement for more than 30 years, I have witnessed firsthand the acceptance and growth…  … view article

IASJ Meeting Liebman Newsletter (2006)

For the 16th meeting of the International Association of Schools of Jazz, we were in the States for the third time…  … view article

If it’s Tuesday, This must be Louisville (2/23/2006)

With an itinerary that rivals the most intensive world tour, five Russian jazz musicians have come to the United States for 15 days to play and hear jazz in the land…  … view article

Take Five (2/06)

Early in their lives, five Russians heard John Coltrane or Dave Brubeck or Count Basie and got turned on to jazz. Now professional musicians, they recently came to the United States to play and… … view article

Australia, Hamilton Island, and Jazz Education Mike Tracy (October 2005)

Imagine standing under a swaying palm tree, shading yourself from the blazing tropical sun; a welcome breeze off the ocean, helping to cool the 90+ degree heat; viewing some of the most spectacular land and seascapes anywhere…  … view article 

An Unlikely Symbiotic Relationship – A Unique Jazz Education / Island Resort Partnership IAJE Jazz Educators Journal (2005)

… view article

Jazz on Hamilton The Daily Mercury – Australia (October 26, 2005)

A music professor from Louisville, Kentucky will team up with Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music (CQCM) students on Hamilton Island and in Mackay this week.  … view article

Jam sessions jazz up piece of paradise The Daily Mercury – Australia (October 28, 2005)

Jamming with one of the greats in a tropical paradise – it sounds like every musician’s dream.  … view article

Jazz Ambassador. UofL’s Tracy takes music abroad. Courier-Journal Article (August 7, 2005)

Music professor Mike Tracy was looking forward to having some extra time at home to practice during his sabbatical from the University of Louisville this past year… … view article   … view text only   

Jazz Education in Russia by Cyril Moshkow, editor, www.jazz.ru

…view article

Five Important Questions LEO Weekly Article

Mike Tracy really doesn’t fit the jazz player stereotype: shrouded in mystery, behind a veil of cigarette smoke, smooth talking and brooding, a man (or woman) whose life is so taken with his art that he has no time for worldly concerns.  … view article

Jazz In Estonia Mike Tracy (September 2005)

Friends and colleagues gave me the oddest looks when I told them that I was going to Tallinn, Estonia, for ten weeks. Why? To help build a jazz education program for the Estonian Music Academy (EMA). How did it all come about?   … view article

Building a Jazz Education Program from the Ground Up – In Estonia Louisville Jazz Society Article (September 2005)

…view article

Louisville, Kentucky Open World Host Jams With Alumni in Yaroslavl Open World article (March 7, 2005)

Jazzman Mike Tracy is no doubt the only Open World host who has ever shared a stage with Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Rich. March 17 found the saxophone recording artist and University of Louisville professor on stage in the jazz-crazy city of Yaroslavl, Russia, performing with the all-alumni Open World Band. The group — which included five alumni hosted by Tracy in Louisville last fall — was among the headlining acts at “Jazz Over the Volga River,” one of Russia’s premier jazz festivals, and one of the few dating from Soviet times. …view article

Eastern Europe and all that jazz. University of Louisville News (December 6, 2004)

Say jazz and most Americans immediately think of New Orleans or Chicago — not Russia, Poland or Estonia. …view article

Young and In Love. LEO Weekly Article (June 30, 2004)

New cats negating notions of insider nods and secret handshakes. …view article

The Polish-American Ensemble Kentucky Music Teachers’ Association (Fall 2003)

One often hears that music is the universal language. I have been very fortunate to experience that universality many times during my professional career. At no time has the power of music been more apparent than during a recent tour in Poland. I will attempt to share in words what occurred in sound. … view article

Giant Steps: The Jazz Studies Program at UofL. UofL Magazine (Spring 2003)

The Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program at U of L has risen like an exhilarating jazz jam. The talented faculty and students try different things. They keep what works and throw out what doesn’t. This collective creative energy draws such notable students as Delfeayo Marsalis, Jim Lewis, Renalto Vasconcellos and many more. jazz-story-pg2

Ten Years of ‘Crazy’ Music. LEO Weekly Article (February 19, 2003)

I went crazy. You can quote me on that. And you won’t get any arguments from anyone who knows me.”   … view article, total    … view cover

Feature Article. Saxophone Journal (Sept/Oct 2002)

Those who have known Mike Tracy since he was the first student to major in saxophone at the University of Louisville School of Music in the early 1970s feel a sense of poetic justice in the fact that Tracy now heads the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Studies Program and teaches saxophone at his former alma mater. During Tracy’s student years, saxophone was not considered a legitimate instrument by many U of L faculty members—especially if one were using it to play jazz.   … view article

Jazz Man WUOL Encore (June)

While rehearsing his student jazz band for an upcoming concert, Mike Tracy looked like a man waiting for a bus.  He walked to the edge of the stage, stuck his hands in his pockets, paced in front of the saxophones, chatted with members of the band, sat on a chair, and shuffled pages in his score.   … view article