Upcoming Shows

  • 10/21/17 Mike Tracy Jazz Trio in Louisville, KY at Private party
  • 10/29/17 Winton Reynolds Ensemble in Louisville, KY at St. John United Church of Chirst

Michael Tracy is a D’Addario Arist/Endorser/Ambassador playing exclusively on D’Addario Jazz Select Reeds.

Topics for Classes, Workshops, Ensemble Instruction, and Individual Instruction

Improvisation – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

Combo Rehearsal and Performance – Small Jazz Ensemble Techniques

Big Band Rehearsal and Performance – Large Jazz Ensemble Techniques

Private Saxophone – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced, Jazz and Classical

Saxophone Master Class – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced, Jazz and Classical

Jazz Theory – A Practical and Useful Approach

Jazz History – General Jazz History, History of the Jazz Saxophone

Listening To Jazz – How and What to Listen for in a Jazz Performance

Improving Your Rhythm Section – Concepts and Rehearsal Techniques

Jazz Piano Voicings – For the Experienced and Non-Experienced Pianist

How to Develop and Organize a Quality Jazz Program – Administrative and Conceptual Ideas

Innovative Concepts for Better Teaching – Thoughts On Making Teaching More Interactive

“Inner Game Of Music” – Overcoming the Fear of Performance

Bridging the Gap Between Musical Styles – Performing and Teaching Various Styles, Dealing with Attitudes

…clinic topics as PDF