Upcoming Shows

  • 05/01/16 - 05/15/16 Mike Tracy / Winton Reynolds Duo in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shanghai at To be determined (China Tour 2016 – Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shanghai)
  • 05/28/16 Mike Tracy Jazz Quintet in Louisville, KY at Private party
  • 05/30/16 - 06/15/16 Michael Tracy – Saxophonist/Educator in Tbilisi at Tbilisi State Conservatory
  • 06/01/16 - 06/12/16 Michael Tracy – Saxophonist/Educator in Tbilisi at Kavkaz Jazz Festival
  • 07/03/16 Michael Tracy Quartet in Louisville, Kentucky at Highland Presbyterian Church

CHINA May 2016 – Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shanghai

Looking forward to visiting with a number of cultural and musical organizations in China.  Pianist Winton Reynolds and I will be working with students, educators, performers and administrators in concert and in the classrooms.  Look for updates – photos, videos and other images.

Tracy Bio in Chinese                 Reynolds Bio in Chinese     
Schedule TRACY / REYNOLDS DUO China Tour 2016
TRACY / REYNOLDS DUO program in Chinese

Chengdu:  Qing An – concert promotion

Guangzhou:  JZ Club – concert promotion

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China Tour 2016

May 2 – May 5

  • Sichuan Conservatory of Music – Master Class
  • Chengdu # 20 High School – Introduction to Jazz
  • Performances at UNI, Vonoteca, and Qing An
  • Dujiangyan – Lecture and performance

May 6 – May 8
Shenzhen and Zhuhai

  • Contemporary Music Institute – Master Class and performance
  • Performance at Penny Black Jazz Coffee
  • Public lecture and performance at the Shenzhen Arts Innovation Center

May 9 – May 10

  • Xinghai Conservatory of Music – Master Classes
  • Guangzhou Childrens’ Palace – visit the Rainbow Performing Arts
  • Performance

May 11 – May 14

  • Shanghai Conservatory of Music – Mater Classes and Performance
  • Performance at the A


UNITED KINGDOM – March 2016: Scotland and England

Great time visiting friends and playing music in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Ayr, London, Cotswolds, Milton Keynes and more.  Hard to believe my first visit to the UK was in 1986, when I first met so many friends.  Thanks Donnie and Doreen Ross, Nick and Jane Gould, Colin and Patricia MacKay and Jane Sheppard.  Special thanks to Bill Kyle and the Jazz Bar and Colin for coordinating concerts and master classes.  Check out the photos to get an idea of the fun time.

Scotland      Scotland music     England

Michael Tracy – Russian Wikipedia post

What a surprise and very cool.  Check out the page.

Michael Tracy on Russian Wikipedia