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  • 10/21/17 Mike Tracy Jazz Trio in Louisville, KY at Private party
  • 10/29/17 Winton Reynolds Ensemble in Louisville, KY at St. John United Church of Chirst

Michael Tracy is a D’Addario Arist/Endorser/Ambassador playing exclusively on D’Addario Jazz Select Reeds.

Louisville Metro Proclamation – Mike Tracy Day! October 8, 2017

ProclamationI am truly touched to have been given such a recognition by the Mayor and others in my community.

“For his tireless endeavors to inspire jazz fans and musicians throughout the world.  Whether teaching and performing in Louisville or overseas,
Mike’s passion for jazz and music education are infectious.  Jazz students across the world recognize the Ambassador of Jazz as an influence.”

“For his efforts at the University of Louisville and Beyond, our city recognizes this as Mike Tracy Day!”

ITALY, July 2017 – Siena, Tuscany and Rome

Visiting Italy for seventeen days, what could be more fun.  Melissa and I got to spend extended time in Siena (while I attended the IASJ Meeting), various towns in Tuscany with our friends Daniela and Davide, ending with a week in Rome.  Melissa got to be my tour guide in Rome, showing me almost every square inch of the city all by walking.  Great time and I thing the photos confirm this.  Highlights?  Too many to mention.

Italy 2017 – Siena, Tuscany and Rome

Italy 2017 – IASJ


Cuba, who would have thought that I would get a chance to visit Cuba.  What an experience – the old cars, fantastic beach, interesting buildings, very nice people, history all around, great music and fantastic musicians but also hot/intense sun, humidity to the max, days with no water in Havana at all, poverty with people living in broken down spaces, shortages of some food and a government that is all controlling.  My photos will give you an idea but it is not possible to appreciate what the Cuban people have to endure until you go there.

Big thanks to our hosts Dr. Olavo Alén Rodriguez and Dr. Jesús Gómez Cairo from the Museo Nacional de la Música.  It was wonderful visiting your museum and learning about the history of Cuban music.  Also great fun playing with fantastic musicians at your concert space.  Special thanks to Terry O’Mahoney for introducing everyone.

Images of Cuba – Havana and Vinalis

Students @ Amadeo Roldan Conservatory

Playing at the Museo Nacional de la Música

Museo Nacional de la Música